We are a global company headquartered in New York, United States, with offices in London, United Kingdom, India, Singapore and Hong Kong. We offer cloud strategy consulting, integration, migration, security, digital and managed services.

We take pride in our customer-first work culture, where quality, timeliness, responsiveness and accountability are the cornerstones of our delivery model.

Our business is to help your business grow - by equipping you with the right solutions to make your cloud experience stress-free and rewarding.

core values

We believe that passion is essential for the pursuit of excellence. And we pursue excellence with a passion.

We are ethically unyielding and honest, and believe in inspiring trust by saying what we mean, living up to what we say, taking responsibility for what we do and ensuring that our delivery exceeds our promise.

We value diversity and uniqueness, fostering a trusting, open and inclusive environment where every individual is treated with the utmost respect.

We believe in collaboration, not competition. We believe that collaboration and teamwork is the path to creating abundance.


Anil Vaidya

Anil leads 365force in the United Kingdom and believes that Cloud Computing will revolutionize the way in which companies will operate globally.

Prior to 365force he ran a healthcare technology consultancy in the United Kingdom, supporting companies in developing their business in the Far East & Asia Pacific. His clients include the governments of the United Kingdom & Japan as well as biopharma and medical device companies.

Anil has experience working in the United States, Japan and India in the life science sector with a broad range of pharma companies from large companies to small start-ups. Anil brings to 365force his extensive network throughout Asia and the United Kingdom, and a deep understanding of the challenges that start-ups and SMEs face in both the bio-engineering and life sciences sector.

Anil holds a Master’s degree in Medical Engineering from Rutgers University and the University of Medicine and Dentistry, NJ, USA as well as an Executive MBA from the UK.

Anna Shen

Anna draws upon vast experience in international business and in the media industry, and has worked all over the world.

She began her career as a journalist and communications professional, but knew business was in her blood, so she moved on to work as VP of International Strategy for a start-up company in the financial services industry. Her experience in the international arena includes the World Bank, the United Nations, Hong Kong University, as well as consultancies for Professor Joseph Stiglitz, who won the Nobel Prize in economics. Her media experience includes the NY Times, US News and World Report, ABC News London, and several internet startups. In addition, she provides consulting on internet, digital, and social media to small and medium size companies.

Anna is a graduate of Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, and also studied at Northwestern University.

Benoit J.P. Flammang

Benoit takes a fresh approach in structuring deals and in using leveraged ideas in marketing for strategic business development at 365force.

He started his career at IBM Belgium, restructured a money-losing R&D / Manufacturing telecom company in Raleigh, North Carolina, and moved on to New York to create several companies. He brought in the first online store to a company called Viaweb, which was sold to Yahoo in June 2008 and went on to become the Yahoo Store.

He is a long-time advisor for Foreign Trade to the Belgian Government. He is Director of Business Development for the Carlyle Real Estate Group, is an advisor to SIXX Partners and to Green Hills Ventures, a multi-billion dollar wealth management company headquartered in New York.

Benoit received his B.A. in Applied Economics from ICHEC in Brussels. He is fluent in English, Dutch / Flemish and French and conversational in German.

Christine Adelmann

Christine has over twenty-five years of experience in the integration and management of technology.

In 1995, she founded AGW Group, which provided managed technology services to hedge funds, registered investment advisors, fund administrators, legal firms, communications and non-profit organizations.

Her specialty is to help navigate the complexity of technology offerings and optimize business value. She is well versed in the implementation and management of technology solutions specific to regulatory compliance needs. For the financial industry, this includes email and data retention, disaster recovery, and business continuity solutions which are secure, reliable, and flexible, as well as cost efficient. Her passion is to find the best technology value for a business and deliver it with a consistently high level of professional dedication, no matter what size the organization.

Prior to working at AGW Group, she managed IT development projects at Citigroup and worked in Systems Administration of the UBS/PaineWebber brokerage/exchange data communications network.

Family and friends say that Christine has always drifted a little in the clouds, and yet, ironically, she can navigate through the many levels of technology complexities and patiently clear the clouds for those more prone to technology frustration.

Christine has done Graduate Work in Applied Mathematics from the University of Pittsburgh and holds a BS in Mathematics from Upsala College.

Devyani Patel

Devyani leads 365force in Hong Kong and is a seasoned business-technology professional with over 21 years of experience across the Financial Securities, Airline & I.T. industries. Starting from building systems globally in the airlines industry for emerging markets, her career led to the heart of Wall Street, leading technology solutions for the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE Euronext). As Managing Director at NYSE Euronext, she supported all aspects of the business from trading systems, market data solutions, regulation & surveillance systems to systems migration, integration, data security, training and client management.

During her time in Hong Kong, she supported the next generation of technology at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange before embarking upon her consulting business, providing training and IT consulting services to, SMEs and large corporations. Devyani is passionate about making change, promoting women in business and technology, and working to achieve a seamless and global 365 model of operation – work anytime, anywhere, anyplace.

Devyani has an MBA in Finance and International Business from New York University and a bachelor’s degree in Computer science from Wolverhampton University, UK. She has also completed the Securities Industry management programme at Wharton Business school.

Edi Kalikawe

Edi joined 365force from a major United States real estate conglomerate where she was a manager in global financial consolidations.

An innovative and experienced financial adviser, she brings with her over 20 years of hands-on experience in real estate finance and retail market segments, having worked for New York & Company and REITs. She is passionate about social causes and an avid supporter of global social change. She is also the President and founder of House of Grace Leprosy Care, an organization that provides support to children affected by Hansen disease.

Edi is a Certified Public Accountant from New York State and holds a MBA from Dowling College, New York.

Noor Khan

Noor is a trainee lawyer with a sharp mind for business. She has a strong track record in sales and business development and a wealth of experience, having worked with Harrods and luxury brands like Bottega Veneta, Cartier, S.T. Dupont, and Buccellati. Her legal background and experience with Clifford Chance has equipped her with strong links within the legal sector.

Her vision is to show companies, large and small, that through the Cloud and managed IT services, 365force can bring businesses and clients together from anywhere around the globe.

Noor received her BA in Business and LLB Law in London and, after a year of globetrotting, is studying for her LLM at City, University of London.

Prakash Mathur

Prakash draws on a decade of experience as a soft skills trainer, having worked for the British Council in India and Singapore as a trainer consultant. He works with a variety of cultures around the world and has developed customized executive training programs for Hewlett Packard and Samsung in India, to help build cross cultural virtual teams. He has twenty-five years of experience in various sectors including Retail, Finance, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Consulting. Some of the organizations he has worked for include Deloitte Consulting (New York, United States), Cadbury Schweppes (Canada), Brooke Bond Foods (Canada), Sony Corporation (UK), Royal Victoria Hospital (Canada) Saudi Business Machines (SBM-IBM), King Fahd Hospital (Saudi Arabia) and World Health Organization (Bangladesh).

He fosters an interactive style of training through Reflective Team work, Role Playing and simulation, encouraging participants to work together to share their knowledge and build confidence. Prakash holds an Executive MBA in IT management from Alberta, Canada.

Vikas Mathur

Vikas is a broadcaster with experience in the United Kingdom, India and the United States. As a producer of news, documentaries, and informational films, his clients included Channel 4 and ITN (UK), ZDF and BDI (Federation of German Industries) and ABC. He spent ten years in New Delhi running a broadcast company that produced television programming.

Vikas anchored India Business Report on Star TV and has a film writing credit on a Bollywood movie. He is currently working on a novel set in pre-Independence India. He also trained as a television director with Reuter’s.

Vikas holds a BSc from University College London and an MFA from New York University.

Vivek J Agarwal

Prior to 365force, Vivek served as Vice President at QSGI, Inc. His responsibilities included opening and managing QSGI’s global offices and increasing business for IT Asset Management, Recycling and Security and Compliance.

Before QSGI, Vivek founded Global Key and served as CEO till 2005. From 2001 through 2004, he served as Vice President of E-commerce and International Development for TechSmart.com, a leading recycler, refurbisher and remarketer of IT assets. TechSmart was funded by venture capitalists Rho Management, Soros Capital, Boston Millennia Partners, and John Sculley, the former CEO of Apple and Pepsi.

From 1998 through 2001, he served as CEO and spearheaded business development and strategic alliances for 123greetings.com, Inc., building it to one of the top 15 web properties in the world. Vivek holds a BSc in Finance from the Stern School of Business, New York University.

corporate social responsibility

Anthropogenic environmental change is increasing the pressure on businesses to reduce their emissions profile, be accountable for their carbon footprint and find more sustainable ways to operate.

Cloud technology helps businesses address two fundamental requirements of sustainability: resource efficiency and energy efficiency, with the former in part driving the latter.

Fewer Machines
Virtualization, automation software, pay-per-use capabilities, and multitenancy enable a high ratio of utilization of shared infrastructure and greater economies of scale, thus driving resource-efficiency which in turn drives energy-efficiency.

Energy efficient equipment
Servers in large cloud data centers are typically upgraded regularly, with higher utilization ratios resulting in shorter effective lifespan and new technology bringing in more energy efficient equipment.

Reduction of e-waste
A decrease in physical infrastructure translates into a decrease in e-waste.

Energy efficient datacenter design
Energy-efficient datacenter design ensures that less energy is needed for back-up power and temperature/humidity control.

Reduction of energy lost in transmission
Large cloud data centers are typically situated closer to the power-generation facilities to reduce loss of energy in transmission.

Dematerialization also lowers the carbon footprint, such as the reduction in physical travel with the increasing use of online collaboration and productivity tools to conduct virtual meetings.

The increased adoption of cloud services, especially when powered by renewable energy, holds a powerful promise for a more sustainable earth. With its virtual global workforce and offices in the cloud, 365force is founded on a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable operating paradigm and helps businesses operate more sustainably by moving them to the cloud.